IN THE BALANCE: Our community during COVID

Michael Krieger: "Things to be Missed," one of the selected images highlighted in The Contemporary and Dayton Daily News collaboration "In the Balance: Reflections of Our Community During COVID." This image was photographed during "some of my extended strolls to assuage the stir-craziness brought on by "shelter-in-place" isolation. As I roamed the deserted streets and alleys as a 'flaneur,' I found myself both lonely and liberated at the same time. The mood of the images reflects a great sense of melancholy I discovered as I roamed deserted neighborhoods, aimless, yet compelled to document the haunted silence of the still-born spring."

Credit: Michael Krieger

Credit: Michael Krieger

The full impact of the coronavirus pandemic may not be known for many years to come. It has already changed our daily lives in ways we couldn’t have foreseen and many are still adjusting to “the new normal”.

In the Sunday, Sept. 6, edition of the Dayton Daily News, a special publication In the Balance: Reflections of Our Community During COVID features photos from Dayton-area artists and photographers showing what they experienced physically and emotionally — and continue to experience — during the pandemic.

Below you will find some of our digital features from this project. We will continue to cover the changes in our local communities and the impact those changes have on the people living there.

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