OVI dashboard details impaired driving crashes, arrests across Ohio

The Ohio State Highway Patrol on Wednesday unveiled its OVI dashboard, which is a detailed view of impaired driving crashes and arrests across the state.

The new OVI Dashboard is a part of the Ohio Statistics and Analytics for Traffic Safety, a series of internal and public-facing dashboards dedicated to exploration, analysis and visualization of crash data across Ohio. Users can filter data, find specific county and route statistics. In addition, an interactive map shows videos of troopers enforcing OVI violations, according to a release from the patrol.

“There is never a good excuse for impaired driving, yet there are drivers who choose to get behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol every day,” Gov. Mike DeWine stated. “By launching this new dashboard, we hope to enhance the public’s understanding of how often OVI crashes are happening and where they’re taking place.”

Since 2016, there have been more than 71,000 crashes in Ohio attributed to impaired driving; of those, 2,349 were deadly. During the same time frame, troopers issued more than 123,000 OVI citations, with 31% of those issued to repeat offenders, the patrol said.

“We recognize alcohol and drug impaired driving remains a top safety concern for Ohioans and people travelling through our state,” said Col. Richard S. Fambro, patrol superintendent. “This new dashboard furthers the patrol’s prioritization to protecting innocent lives from this devastating crime and is a new tool for the public and our troopers, who are arresting impaired drivers through focused enforcement every day.”

Anyone who sees dangerous driving, and is able to do so safely, can dial #677 to contact a local OSHP post.

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