MODERATOR: What are your hopes for this nation?

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Credit: Shutterstock

Note from Community Impact Editor Amelia Robinson: Local resident share their hopes for this nation now that one of the most polarizing elections in American history is over. Local columns about the meaning of the election are linked below.

The voting is over in one of the most contentious presidential elections in United States history.

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The battle for the White House between incumbent President Donald J. Trump, a Republican, and Democratic challenger Joseph R. Biden, a former vice president, show that America is very red and very blue.

Credit: Lisa Powell

Credit: Lisa Powell

But what does it all mean?

We asked three guest columnists ― journalist Ray Marcano, University of Dayton Professor Christopher Devine and Cedarville University Professor John Tarwater ― for their views on what lessons can be drawn from election 2020.

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Marcano is a frequent contributor to this page. Tarwater and Devine have shared their views throughout election season.

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In addition, I asked Facebook followers about their hopes for our country going forward. Below are a sampling of comments.

“Politicians will drop their egos and fighting and actually WORK for the American people.” ― Elaine Wack Kramer

“Cooperation for the good of all.” Karla Hollencamp

“An end to daily chaos & the anxiety that creates.” Carol Bouffioux

“The Mr. Rogers mindset.” ― Janelle Wood

“Peace, meaningful conversations taking action” ― Lynda Hackett

“Equality.” ― Cynthia Peei

“Peace.” ― Becky Lewis

“Peace!” ― Jill Hansel Erwin

“Grace.” ― Ashley Schultz-Navara

“Equity.” ―Hannah Booth

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“Change.” ― Beth Redden

“Unity.” ― Kristina Lewis

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“Acceptance of a shared reality.” ― Solomon Smith

“Calmness.” ― Randall Salyer

“Peace....Wellness.” ― Kenneth Sparks