7-year-old sliced with razor blade during recess at elementary school

A family is demanding answers Monday night after a 7-year-old girl’s hand was sliced open by a razor blade at school.

Boston Public Schools confirmed that several razor blades were found on the premises of Mattahunt Elementary School. Beyond that, the family says there are many questions.

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The cut to Marley’s hand is deep, and the first grader has 11 stitches to prove it.

“She did it soft to the other kids and when it was me, she like, cut my skin open,” 7-year-old Marley Desruisseaux said. “When she did it, she did that to me and I was like, ‘Ow!’”

Marley said it was a classmate who sliced her after finding the razor blade under a bench at the school during recess.

“I just wanted to be there, I just wanted to take the pain for her. She doesn’t know what’s a razor,” Marley’s aunt, Francia Rigueur, said.

Rigueur claims the family was given limited information after the school called them and told them to come pick up Marley in the nurse’s office.

“Come to find out she wouldn’t stop bleeding. If she’s bleeding, why didn’t you feel the urge to call the ambulance?” Rigueur said.

As for the razor, Marley’s family is now on a quest to find out how it got there and how it went unnoticed.

Boston Public Schools confirmed that multiple razors were found on the premises at Mattahunt Elementary along with some nails.

“We instruct our custodians to search the grounds of our school daily to look for objects such as needles, razors, or other paraphernalia,” a robocall to parents said. “The incident occurred on the outer portion of our property, and we will increase our searches in this area going forward.”

But for Marley’s family, that doesn’t solve their current problem, or answer many questions.

“I need to know she’s safe in school, and I don’t. She’s done, today is not the last day of school but physically she’s done. I will not send her back there, because she’s not safe,” Rigueur said.

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