Bakers didn’t loaf when stranded by Harvey

Four bakers in Houston made more than 5,000 pieces of bread while stranded during Hurricane Harvey.

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Four bakers in Houston made more than 5,000 pieces of bread while stranded during Hurricane Harvey.

Four bakers in Houston had the perfect recipe to stay occupied when the rising waters from Hurricane Harvey flooded the city. They saw a need and kneaded away.

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The quartet baked pounds of bread, including Mexican bolillos and pan dulce, CNN reported.

"The water didn't come into the store at all. They were still able to cook. They had electricity," said Kirk Michaelis, owner of El Bolillo Bakery.

Michaelis said his employees baked as much bread as possible before the hurricane hit on Friday, but four returned the next day to work. They had no idea they would be stuck in the bakery for more than 48 hours.

Hurricane Harvey pan dulce we are going to take to those in need. Bakers we're stuck inside for two days! We will announce when we open our stores again.

Posted by El Bolillo Bakery on Monday, August 28, 2017

“To our dismay, the waters came in and surrounded the stores,” Michaelis told CNN. “And we were unable to get to these bakers until Monday.”

The bakers kept working despite the rising waters. They were able to produce 5,000 pieces of bread from 4,000 pounds of flour, CNN reported.

By Monday, the employees were ready to go home. Since then, they have been giving out bread to evacuees from the storm, and have donated milk and eggs to another bakery that had run out of supplies, CNN reported.

“This isn't about us and anything of promotional purposes at all. It's about reaching out and trying to help the community that has helped us for 21 years to grow where we're at right now," Michaelis told CNN. "We're just trying to be a blessing to other people that have been to us.”.

A photo of the bakers has drawn international attention. Former Mexican President Vicente Fox, a harsh critic of President Donald Trump, praised the bakers on Twitter and could not resist taking a shot at the president

“@realDonaldTrump in your face! These are the ‘bad hombres,’ you're so scared of, giving a taste of solidarity in a time of need,” Fox tweeted.

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