Barf Blog may have a revolting name, but it’s full of info about foodborne illnesses

  • Erin Blakemore
  • The Washington Post
5:34 a.m. Monday, March 5, 2018 News

Listeria. Salmonella. Norovirus. 

If those words aren't enough to make you queasy, they should: They're responsible for thousands of cases of foodborne illness each year. And they're just the tip of the nauseous iceberg at Barf Blog, a site that brings context to food-safety issues.

The name might be revolting — and the subject matter is often sickening — but the blog is run by a group of food-safety experts who are fascinated by outbreaks, infestations and, yes, vomit. 

It's not all about the gross-out, though. Each entry brings evidence-based perspective to issues that are often misunderstood, such as the safety of raw-milk cheese and how norovirus spreads

The blog updates pretty frequently, and every week or so it puts out Food Safety Talk, a wide-ranging podcast that tackles the issues of the day. The blog also offers information on big outbreaks and food recalls, and it gives helpful tips on how to avoid gastrointestinal disaster. 

If you're revolted by talk of poo and puke, you might steer away. Better to go elsewhere if you're offended by the occasional curse word, too. 

That said, there's no more informative way to keep up to speed on the way illness can spread from farm to fork — even if you can't stomach some of the subject matter.