Bartender stabbed in stomach by customer he was trying to help, police say

Credit: Ore Huiying

Credit: Ore Huiying

A bartender from a Minnesota restaurant trying to stop a fight was stabbed in the stomach Friday by a customer he was trying to help, WCCO reported.

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New Hope police responded to a call about a fight at Outtakes Bar & Grill around 1 a.m. KSTP reported.

Zach Pack, who has worked at the bar for the past six years, said two people were fighting, WCCO reported. Four people were stabbed during the altercation.

Pack said he saw someone being punched and went to help.

"So I grabbed him and tried to remove him from the situation. And I imagine what was going through his head he thought maybe I was attacking him, and he turned around and tried to stab me right in the belly," Pack told WCCO. "I never saw the knife or anything. I felt like a weird, a strong, almost felt like I got kicked in the stomach cause of the pressure, and then I felt it tingling and then I heard someone say "He's got a knife.'"

The other three people involved in the fight suffered minor cuts, KSTP reported. Pack required 38 staples to close his wound during seven hours of surgery, WCCO reported.

“I’ve worked in the bar industry a long time now and that’s just what I do, try to help people out as best I can,” Pack told the television station. “(It) just sucks this happened, but I don’t want anyone to get beat up so (I) just jumped in and helped out.”

Pack's friends started a GoFundMe page to help with his expenses.

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