Before his death, man leaves girl, 2, Christmas gifts for the next 14 years

A man in Wales made sure he could bring Christmas cheer to a young neighbor long after his death.

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Ken Watson, 87, died recently, but the family of 2-year-old Cadi Owens was shocked to learn that their elderly neighbor left Christmas presents to give their daughter for the next 14 years, the BBC reported.

Owen and Caroline Williams of Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, had been neighbors with Watson the last two years. Monday night, Watson’s daughter knocked at their door.

"My neighbor's daughter, Jenny, came round last night and knocked on my door," Owen Williams told the Mirror. "She had a big plastic bag, which I thought was rubbish she was going to ask me to throw out.

“But, to my shock it was a large sack of presents for Cadi … for the next 14 years. We both welled up at the door because it was a lovely sentiment. It was like something from a Christmas movie.”

Williams tweeted about the gifts, originally believing there were enough for the next 13 years. He later amended that to 14 years.

Williams said his wife was on FaceTime with her mother in Ireland when the presents arrived. It turned into a highly emotional moment.

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"My wife started to tear up and I started to tear up, and her mum started to tear up," Williams told the BBC. "It's difficult describing it because it was so unexpected. I don't know how long he put them away whether it was over the last two years or whether he bought them towards the end of his life."

Williams said this year's present was a book, the Mirror reported. He isn't sure what the other ones are, though.

"Some toys won't be suitable for her -- we can't give a 15-year-old a Duplo, for instance," Williams told CNN. "I'm gobsmacked at how you could plan this for 14 years."

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