Fourth of July fireworks to blame for more than 100 runaway pets


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Fourth of July fireworks to blame for more than 100 runaway pets

Fourth of July weekend fireworks brought common sights and sounds over the last few days. 

But the loud booms means heartbroken families and extra work for animal shelters. 

More pets run away during Fourth of July celebrations than any other time of year, said Bob Sexton, the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center’s animal care and control office supervisor.

"Just this weekend we've had about 114 strays coming into this facility compared to last year's about 92 strays," he said. 

Most of the new arrivals to the shelter do not have dog license tags, making it harder to identify them and their owners. 

"A lot of times the dogs will be outside and fireworks start going off. ... those loud noises, they scare a lot of animals. When they get scared they start looking for ways to get away from the noise," Sexton said. 

One dog was found in Vandalia today, a possible runaway that could have been out all night. 

"We were just driving down the street and he was just wandering all sad and lonely, so we just picked him up," said Tipp City resident Leslie Budding, who brought the dog to the ARC shelter. 

This morning, ARC employees helped seven owners searching for their pets. Five of them got lucky, including Jennifer Smith of Brookville. 

"You know they are your animals, they are your pets, they're your kids, they become your kids. So you get very worried that they're not going to come home or if they got hit by a car. It's like having a child," said Smith, who was reunited with her 8-year-old pug named Chewey that got out two days ago. 

Owners have three to 14 days at ARC to claim the pet before it's evaluated for possible adoption. Anyone who is missing a pet should check the ARC website, which shows photos of pets that have been brought in, or call 937-898-4457.

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