California residents trying to save coyote with head stuck in jar


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Residents of a California community are working feverishly to catch a coyote with its head stuck in a clear jar, KOVR reported.

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The animal has been spotted several times this week near the city of Cool, and residents want to break the jar so the coyote can eat and drink properly again.

A person shot video of the coyote wandering around the countryside with the jar affixed to its head. So far, residents have been unable to catch it, KOVR reported.

Residents speculate that the coyote likely got stuck when it tried to eat or drink what was inside the jar, KOVR reported.

“It’s a strange sort of thing that happened to him,” Sierra Wildlife Rescue volunteer Bob Campbell said. “I’m sure he doesn’t know what’s going on and he’s scared to death.”

The coyote has been sighted every day for a week, KOVR reported.

“We have Kevlar gloves, we have catch poles, we have a fellow with a net gun,” Gold Country Wildlife Rescue member Sallysue Stein told KOV.

Caitlin Riley said she saw the coyote before the animal ran away.

“It’s very thin, very weak,” Riley told KOVR. “It would go a short ways, then lie down. I think it’s close to death unless it’s found soon.”

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