‘Children were bad and beaten’: 9-year-old tells police of abuse in court docs

Credit: John Love/The Sentinel & Enterprise via AP, Pool

Credit: John Love/The Sentinel & Enterprise via AP, Pool

A 9-year-old boy found seriously injured after the Tuesday death of his 6-year-old sister told police officers how they were abused by their parents, according to court documents.

Police officers said they found the 6- and 9-year-old children covered in bruises at a home in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, and took them both to the hospital.

In court documents, officers say the 9-year-old boy told them he and his sister had been “attacked by bullies” while the pair were on a walk with their parents Monday.

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The parents, Marvin Brito and Shana Pedroso, were both arrested after the 6-year-old died of her injuries. Pedroso has been charged with two counts of assault and battery on a child and two counts of reckless endangerment of a child.

Credit: John Love

Credit: John Love

The 6-year-old was found with bruises “of various ages over her entire body,” while the 9-year-old boy had serious injuries and bruising to his face. Police officers say he told them his mother had “glued a wound on his neck closed with super glue.”

Court documents from Pedroso’s arraignment were released Wednesday, revealing the details officers said the 9-year-old told them at the hospital the day before.

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According to the boy, police said his parents, Brito and Pedroso, had left the two children alone while they were on a walk. It was during the walk, he allegedly told police, that the two were attacked by bullies.

Credit: John Love

Credit: John Love

The boy also told police the 6-year-old girl was so badly injured she wouldn’t drink anything Tuesday morning and “his mother was mad.”

Police said  the boy also told officers the mother and father had agreed by telephone not to call 911.

Pedroso was arrested at the Fitchburg Police Department and officers say they found notes that included “an entry dated 4/9/2018 which indicated that the children were bad and were beaten.”

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