Convicted felon charged after firing shots in home

A Dayton man who was previously convicted of a crime was arrested Sunday morning after he told police he fired a weapon in his home to scare his girlfriend, according to a police report.

Robert L. Barber, 59, was charged with weapons under disability and aggravated menacing, and ordered in to court.

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Officers were dispatched to the home in the 3700 block of Maywood Avenue after said her boyfriend was holding her “hostage and about to kill me.” When officers arrived, they found a silver revolver under a chair.

A woman in home told officer she was attempting to leave, but Barber did not want her to. So he grabbed the gun and told her that he’d kill her and himself if she leaves, the woman told police, according to the report.

She ignored his warning, and as the woman started to walk out of the home Barber allegedly fired two shots in the ceiling, the report said.

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Barber told officers he and the woman got into an argument and asked her to leave. But when she refused, he grabbed his gun and fired the shots, according to the police report, noting that Barber thought there were blanks in the gun, and he was trying to scare her.

The woman was uncooperative with police and did not want to file charges, according to the report.

Barber was previously convicted of aggravated robbery, the report said.

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