Former Shelby Co. Sheriff wins lawsuit

The suit was filed in an attempt to recover $60,425 paid to the former Sheriff.

Retired Judge David Faulkner, of Hardin County, did not agree with the Ohio Attorney General's Office and ruled in favor of Kimpel.

According to the lawsuit, the Ohio Attorney General's Office, argued that Kimpel was, "unjustly enriched over $60,000 in pay for holding the office of sheriff, but, did not excercise any of the rights, powers, or responsibilities of office between October 6, 2011 and June 15, 2012."

Judge Faulkner also ordered the county commissioners to pay Kimpel's attorney fees.

Charges were eventually dismissed against Kimpel in Auglaize County, while he pled guilty to a criminal charge in Shelby County and resigned as Sheriff.