Homeowner, neighbors nab intruder at gunpoint, duct tape him to prevent escape

When a homeowner in New Mexico discovered an intruder in his home Sunday, he sprang into action, with the help of some gun-toting neighbors.

The homeowner, who was not identified by name by authorities, told KRQE that he was alerted by his security system about movement in his Albuquerque home Sunday afternoon. Security cameras caught the intruder walking casually through the man's home, putting on his jacket, and grabbing a beer from the refrigerator.

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The homeowner called his neighbor, Shandra Vestal. She told KRQE that she and her husband grabbed two pistols from their garage and went to confront the intruder with the homeowner. The intruder was contained at gunpoint and was ordered to his knees, where the trio secured the intruder's arms and legs with duct tape. Once secured, they carried him out to the front yard to wait for police.

The intruder, Mark Thompson, was arrested on burglary charges. Thompson allegedly told police that he wasn't trying to steal anything from the house, and that he just wanted to be friends, Vestal told KRQE.

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