Suspect shot by off-duty officer in Miamisburg was 17 years old

NEW DETAILS: Miami Twp. police shooting ‘pretty straight-forward’

A shooting involving a 17-year-old robbery suspect and an off-duty Miami Twp. police officer occurred Monday afternoon on Ohio 725 in Miamisburg at the I-75 interchange.

We are seeking to learn the identities of both the suspect and the officer involved. Neither have been released as of Tuesday morning.

Here is what we know so far:

Officers James McCarty and Shawn Todd responded to the call that Edwards was making suicidal threats, “drinking and ready to pull the trigger,” police said. Officers later discovered the weapon was a pellet gun.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is overseeing that case at Miami Twp.’s request. McCarty and Todd haven returned to work after being on paid administrative leave, standard protocol in officer-involved shootings.