NEW DETAILS: 8-year-old calmly called 911 for help after deadly attack

An 8-year-old boy calmly communicated with a 911 operator after discovering the surviving victim of deadly domestic violence on Sept. 15 in South Lebanon.

"Can the ambulance come?" the boy asked as the 911 operator began communicating with him just before midnight on Sept. 15, about the condition of Ronnie Power.

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Power was reportedly bleeding badly from a head wound after allegedly being beaten by his wife’s adoptive brother and the brother’s wife during a robbery designed to raise money for heroin, according to Warren County authorities.

Ronnie Power’s wife, Deborah Power, 63, was killed during the attacks.

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Christopher Kirby, 38, and his wife, Jaqueline Kirby, 30, are charged with murder, attempted murder and aggravated robbery in the case.

The Kirbys were living with the Powers. Christopher Kirby was Deborah Power’s adoptive brother, according to Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell.

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During the 911 call, the boy was unable to say what caused Ronnie Power’s injuries.

“I don’t know. He won’t tell us,” he said.

The boy and operator then ticked off a list of questions and responses related to the victim’s injuries and steps to be taken.

Was he awake and breathing?

Alert? Violent?

The operator advised the boy to secure any pets in the house, unlock the door and turn on outside lights.

As the ambulance was arriving the boy urged the victim to apply pressure to the head wounds.

“OK, they’re here,” Ronnie Power apparently said after being handed the phone.

“Great job, kiddo,” the dispatcher said before ending the call.

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On Wednesday, Newcomer Funeral Home in Dayton said arrangements for Deborah Power were on hold due to her husband’s condition.

On Friday, Ronnie Power remained in critical condition and was expected to undergo surgery for a “major, major head injury” Fornshell said.

No update was available today.

The cases were bound over for consideration by a grand jury on the charges against the Kirbys stemming from the Sept. 15 incident.

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