Lee Hayes

Overdose death of 2-year-old ‘big shock’ to uncle

The uncle of a 2-year-old boy, who died from an accidental drug overdose last September, said Wednesday the toddler’s death is shocking and he’s not sure how it happened.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office said Tuesday they are investigating the death of Lee Hayes, who died from an accidental Fentanyl overdose.

The toxicology results that revealed the drug in the toddler's body were completed in December, according to a report from the coroner's office.

The boy’s uncle, Dionte Williams, said he and his girlfriend babysat Lee and other children the day before the toddler died.

That evening Lee’s father, Anthony Hayes, picked him up about 6, but they next morning they were called to Good Samaritan Hospital, Williams said. The boy was pronounced dead, at the hospital, on the morning of Sept. 29. 

"The last thing I heard my nephew say was ‘I love you Uncle D.,’” Williams said, noting that Lee was jumping on the bed before leaving Williams’ house.

"I've been praying that God will find an answer. It didn't happen over here."

When Williams returned home from the hospital later that day, police were already in the house, searching. But they didn’t find anything to indicate that Lee consumed the drugs there, Williams said. 

"That was my favorite nephew," he said. "It was a big shock to me and my girl."