5-year-old boy runs down street yelling, 'Mom and Dad are dead'

Court records from Clark County Municipal Court in Ohio detail a suspected double overdose and child endangering charges against Carla E. Logan, 37, and Chad A. Drager, 34.

On Wednesday, deputies were sent to the 3700 block of Charlotte Drive in Enon for a double overdose call.

Police were called after a female motorist saw a 5-year-old boy running down the street yelling, "Mom and Dad are dead."

Deputies found two unresponsive adults and began administering Narcan.

Logan was found unresponsive on the kitchen floor. Drager, whose skin was blue-tinged, was found on the living room floor.

Logan was given four doses of Narcan before she was revived, records indicate.

Chad Drager, identified as Logan’s boyfriend in documents, was revived after six doses of Narcan.

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