Oh, deer: 2 bucks lock horns on front porch of California home

Credit: Jack Taylor

Credit: Jack Taylor

This battle had plenty of bang for the bucks.

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A northern California homeowner came home to find his front porch in disarray Thursday, but not because of a potential break-in. Video surveillance confirmed that two deer were brawling on the property, KABC reported.

The homeowner in Marin County posted home surveillance video to Reddit that documented the two bucks locking horns on the front steps of the property. The two stags scrambled up the stoop and then back out onto the front lawn, scattering Halloween decorations, pumpkins and planters, KABC reported.

Exiting the porch, the two bucks continued fighting, according to the homeowner.

"They then went next door and bent in an iron rod fence," u_SwimmingAnxiety wrote on Reddit. "One of them got pinned in a corner against the fence and the other just kept smashing his antlers into him."

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