DNA test unites man with daughter he never knew existed

A Missouri woman researching her family history found her biological father on a genealogical site through a DNA test kit, surprising the Tennessee man who did not realize he even had a child, KTVI reported.

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Amy Meyerott of St. Louis used a kit through Ancestry.com, and the results eventually led to her being discovered by her father, Tim. She was adopted as an infant 32 years ago, and her biological mother never told Tim that she was pregnant, KTVI reported.

Several months ago, Tim’s sister told her brother that the two of them were a match with a woman in St. Louis. Tim searched on Facebook and found Meyerott, KTVI reported.

“I got a message from a man on Facebook saying, 'My sister has been trying to contact you because you're showing up as a close relative on Ancestry.com. After looking more into this we believe that you are my biological daughter,'" Meyerott told the television station.

Tim traveled from Tennessee to St. Louis to meet his daughter face-to-face.

"We just walked right up to each other, and it was like we had known each other for years,” Meyerott said. “It was just very comfortable and easy from the beginning.

“Your family is always your family. Who your biological family is doesn't change that.”

In a statement, Ancestry.com told KTVI that "DNA testing helps people make new and powerful discoveries about their family history and identity. We are committed to delivering the most accurate results; however, with this, people may learn of unexpected connections.”

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