Do We Get Tax Breaks for Working From Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

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With Many Employees Working Remotely Last Year, Are There Tax Breaks We Should Know About?

Leah from Georgia asks: "With so many of us working from home for much of last year, are there tax breaks we should be aware of? Any suggestions — on how and what deductions could be available for those of us using our homes as offices too — would be helpful."

Clark’s Take on Tax Breaks for Working From Home

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has made a pretty clear separation between workers who can and can’t claim tax breaks for working remotely, and that hasn’t changed despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clark says: "The tax code is not your friend on this if you're a 'W-2 employee.'"

"If you are a 'W-2 employee' [a typical, salaried employee and not an independent contractor], the expenses you've incurred working from home are not going to benefit you. If you are a 1099 person — you're paid as an independent contractor — those expenses are deductible."

More good news for independent contractors: “You may even be able to take a portion of your home and deduct a cost for it, known as the home office deduction,” Clark says.

For a detailed look at how the government defines deductible home office expenses for independent contractors, read this news release from the IRS.

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