Early present: Secret Santa leaves $100 bill in Texas mom’s shopping cart

Christmas is two months away, but Secret Santas are already passing along holiday cheer.

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A Texas woman discovered $100 and a card in a red envelope left in her shopping cart while at the grocery store, KHOU reported.

Ulanda Fulford was shopping with her 4-year-old son at a Kroger supermarket in Cypress when she noticed a man in a bright red hoodie following her, the television station reported.

They met in the Halloween aisle and Fulford said she was nervous.

"I see him coming up the aisle and I'm looking at my son, like, 'Oh God. Don't let anything happen,'" Fulford told KHOU.

Nothing happened as the man walked by Fulford without speaking, the television station reported.

When Fulford went to check out, she found the card with “To you” written on the front.

"I went to the check out and unloaded my groceries and I found this red card. I'm thinking how this card got in my cart," Fulford told KHOU.

Fulford opened the card in front of the cashier, and a $100 bill fell out, the television station reported. There was a note written on the card.

“Here’s an early Christmas gift! Use it in any way that will bring you a little happiness. It’s not much but hopefully enough to bring a smile to your face, signed S.S.” or Secret Santa.

Fulford said she will deposit the money in her son’s savings account.

"He just stood out to me and I want to thank him. This is truly a blessing," Ulanda told KHOU.

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