Elementary school students sing support to counselor battling cancer

A child development specialist at an Oregon elementary school, who is battling breast cancer, was serenaded by a choir of students in a heartwarming show of support, the East Oregonian reported.

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Lisa Roberts began chemotherapy three weeks ago. Sherwood Heights Elementary School Principal Theresa Owens encouraged students to perform a special song for Roberts, so students spent part of each music class practicing Martina McBride’s song, “I’m Gonna Love You Through It.”

“I firmly believe singing builds community,” Owens told the East Oregonian.

Thursday, the Pendleton school’s 500 students filed into the gymnasium and waited as Roberts was summoned.

“They told me a student was having a meltdown,” Roberts told the East Oregonian.

Expecting to find a child in distress, Roberts instead found a gym full of children and members of her family.

“We love you and want you to know we’ve got your back,” Owens told Roberts as she was led to a seat.

Fourth and fifth graders sang the first verse of the song, with the younger students joining in for the chorus, the East Oregonian reported.

The children waved daffodils, which they presented to Roberts.

Roberts said the students have been very supportive as she went through her treatments. Four siblings pooled their money to buy her flowers, and one boy brought her his favorite toy car, the East Oregonian reported.

“Every day has had silver linings,” Roberts said. “The kids have been so sweet.”

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