Families find flyers asking them to 'Keep America American' in driveways

Credit: WSBTV.com

Credit: WSBTV.com

Hundreds of flyers were dropped off Easter morning in a suburban Atlanta city calling on people to "Keep America American."

Residents of Braselton, located 50 miles northeast of Atlanta, said the flyer also urges people to report any undocumented citizens saying "they are not immigrants, but criminals."

"This is terrible. Just terrible," Anna Roper said. "I posted about this being hate mail (on the community website). I picked up as many as I could and put them in the trash."

The website listed on the flyer showed an organization called the Patriot Front. The Anti-Defamation League describes it as a white supremacist group whose members maintain their European ancestors conquered America and bequeathed it solely to them.

Roper also spotted racist messages while walking on a trail near the bridge in her subdivision.

"I’ve cried a lot this morning about this," she said.

Roper said she believes someone sprayed painted the racist graffiti over the weekend. She says she can't believe someone from the community was responsible.

"(This community) is extremely diverse: African, Asian, East Asian," she said.

On a community website, others said they were equally stunned by the racist message on the iconic bridge that links one side of the subdivision to the other.

"I think it's ridiculous, racial slurs like that are stupid," resident James Bell said.

Bell says the graffiti is an embarrassment to his community.

"It's offensive, real offensive. We got good people in the neighborhood," Bell said.

Roper said she called City Hall and her homeowners association to find how soon the graffiti could be removed or at least covered up.

A crew arrived later and painted over the racist message.

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