Florida man shoots suspect in home invasion: ‘They messed with the wrong house’

Two men attempting a home invasion at a Florida residence got more than they bargained for, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said.

The men knocked on the door and forced their way into the Jacksonville home. When they put a gun up to the owner's face, the man pulled out his own weapon, a .380 that was in his pocket, and fired. He went to another room and retrieved a Glock.

"I shot him once, then I got my other gun and said 'I got a big gun now,'" the homeowner said.

The suspects fled the home by jumping out of a second-floor window, police said. One of them was found by a man who did not realize what had just taken place.

"I was trying to tell him to stay still because of the shrapnel in him but he didn't listen very well," Mathew Austin said.

The suspect was transported to the hospital. Deputies are still searching for the other suspect.

The homeowner had no regrets about the incident, deputies said.

"They messed with the wrong house,” he said.

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