General Mills bringing back Trix Fruity Shapes cereal

Credit: General Mills

Credit: General Mills

Trix has been for kids since it debuted in 1954. After Baby Boomers grew up with the ball-shaped, pastel-colored cereal, the company switched to brightly colored, fruit-shaped morsels from 1991 to 2006.

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Now, Trix is returning to its fruity shapes after selling the original cereal for more than a decade, General Mills announced Monday. The bright colors came back last year, and the fruit shapes are returning soon, the company said in its blog.

"After bringing back the bright colors, our fans have not stopped telling us what they want next," Scott Baldwin, director of marketing for General Mills, said in the blog. "We have heard from an overwhelming number of Trix fans who have been calling, emailing and reaching out on social media telling us that they want fruity shapes back. Kids of the '90s can rejoice, their fruity shapes are back in Trix."

General Mills said the Classic Trix Fruity Shapes cereal will return nationally to store shelves sometime in the fall.

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