Happy birthday: Co-workers buy car for fellow employee

A Michigan man will never forget his 19th birthday, thanks to the generosity of his co-workers, WJRT reported.

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Noah Robinson had been riding his bicycle to work from Saginaw to Kochville Township, pedaling the 6 ½ miles in 45 minutes regardless of the weather conditions. He works in the shipping department at Glastender and lives with his grandmother after growing up in the care of a guardian, WJRT reported.

Robinson passed his driving test last week. On Nov. 10 -- the day before his birthday -- he got his biggest present. It was an Oldsmobile Alero, paid for by dozens of his co-workers, WJRT reported.

"(We) congratulated him on getting a license, his birthday coming up, and then talking about how us, as a Glastender family, all pitched in to get him something," said Dan McGrandy, an engineering tech at Glastender.

They also raised enough money to pay for a year's worth of insurance,” WJRT reported.

“I couldn't say anything, I was too excited, like, ‘oh my goodness,’” Robinson said.

Robinson said this act of kindness showed him what it means to have a 'family'.

“I've been driving it for the whole weekend and even though, every time I get ready to step foot in the car, I'm like, 'I can't believe this is happening,’” Robinson said.

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