4 hidden restaurant gems you might not have tried in Clark County

If you’re looking for new places to try, there are plenty of local eateries serving up great food you might not know exist.

Check out these four local spots which have been featured by the Springfield News-Sun for a new place to catch a meal tonight in the area.

1. Enon Pizza & Company

Originally established in 1977, this Enon spot had one of its current owners, Charles Wiggins, working as an employee back in the 1990s. After a long wait, Wiggins and his wife, Tracy, were able to purchase the shop and open it in 2004. Ever since, Tracy has been focused on providing old school-style pizza to the masses, with a few extra features, like hoagies and wings, on the side.

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2. Sis’s Restaurant

This former location for the Time of Day Cafe in Catawba has transformed into a go-to spot for all things comfort food.

It operated for many years as a restaurant run by Roberta Stonerock — affectionately known as Sis — before she decided to step out of the restaurant business forever. Looking for an opportunity to own a place of their own, Matt and Mandie Warner bought the location from Sis in 2017. Since then, they’ve been focused on classic Americana fare like homemade chicken and noodles, meatloaf and more.

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3. Mic’s Restaurant, A Fine Italian Cuisine

Mic’s has been in business more than 30 years, and anyone who has been there for a bite can tell you why. Focusing on house-made specialties, Mic’s is a go-to when you need a taste of Italy.

The restaurant features unique cafeteria-style ordering, but plenty of hospitality from the staff once you’re seated. Standard fare like lasagna and spaghetti are featured on the menu, but depending on the day, diners can also get specialty items like sirloin tips.

4. Coffee Expressions

This cafe has the distinction of being one of Springfield’s first coffeehouses. Founded back in 2004 by Ken Steele, Coffee Expressions filled a deep need in the community by providing quality brews made from the best products. Now, after celebrating nearly 15 years of service, the cafe continues providing lattes and sweet treats to whomever walks through its doors. The shop also received a Best in Springfield award in 2016.

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