Infant needing transplant aided by Arkansas T-shirt company

Surgeons stitching surgical wound during a liver transplant operation

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Surgeons stitching surgical wound during a liver transplant operation

An 8-month old baby from Arkansas in need of a liver transplant is being helped by a T-shirt manufacturer who is raising money to help cover expenses.

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Amelia Fowler was diagnosed with biliary atresia four days after her birth, KTHV reported.

Doctors told Amelia’s parents, Jack and Mary Lu Fowler, that a liver transplant  was the child’s best shot at living a normal life, KTHV reported.

Paul Ritchie, who owns Rock City Outfitters, heard about Amelia and wanted to help.

“I actually had a niece named Amelia who went through something very similar,” RItchie told KTHV. “We just wanted to help out any way we can.”

Ritchie designed a T-shirt to raise money for Amelia. He only expected to print about 100 shirts, but has received more than 600 requests for them, KTHV reported.

“It’s amazing to know that the support we have already received that someone wanted to reach out and make this shirt for us,” Mary Lu Fowler told KTHV. “It’s something we would have never really asked for, or tried to do ourselves, but the fact they want to do this for us and for Amelia, and well, the response has been overwhelming.”

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