Joyriding toddler stopped by Xenia police

Officer Brian Blackaby, a Xenia patrolman of seven years, said he was in the area of Hollywood Boulevard Friday evening when he spotted the toddler in his model Chevrolet Silverado.

The boy’s father, Brian Miller, asked if he’d pose for a photo with 1-year-old Braydon.

Blackaby happy to oblige, flipped on his police lights and pulled out his ticket book.

“He was kind of shy around me; he looked concerned,” Blackaby said of Braydon, who turns 2 on Sunday.

Miller said his son was “amazed” looking at the officer and his ticket book.

“He was a really nice officer; I thought it was really awesome he did that,” Miller said. “It’s great, especially with all the news and the bad rap police get.”

Miller said the photos and story behind it will be a family memory for years to come.

Xenia police posted the photos Friday to its Facebook page, with the caption: “I’m sorry officer. I was running late for the Easter Egg Hunt.”