Large group shows support for Troy mayor’s stance on masks

Troy Mayor Robin Oda
Troy Mayor Robin Oda

TROY – Supporters of Troy Mayor Robin Oda dominated public comments at Tuesday’s City Council meeting applauding her backing of choice in wearing face masks.

An estimated 100 people showed up at council’s meeting at Troy’s Hobart Arena Bravo Room following discussion at the previous council meeting about a sign some saw as anti-mask that was placed on a City Hall door by Oda.

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A group that called itself Recall Mayor Oda on Facebook advocated council censure of the mayor or a recall drive due to the sign incident and other actions they questioned including her support of a community tree lighting in November after the event’s usual organizers canceled due at the request of Miami County Public Health.

More than 20 people spoke at Tuesday’s meeting, almost all supporting Oda. The meeting was announced on Facebook by the group All in Ohio.

A sign Troy Mayor Robin Oda posted.
A sign Troy Mayor Robin Oda posted.

A posting on its website Wednesday thanked those who offered support to Oda, “who is standing up for people with mask exemptions and welcoming people whether or not they wear a mask.

One speaker said she traveled from Cincinnati, while others came from Dayton and Kettering as well as Troy.

Several speakers supporting Oda were cheered for their remarks.

“It is good to see this island of sanity … I am not going to feed your psychosis,” Dave Desser of Troy said. “This lady shouldn’t be mayor; she should be governor.”

Aimee Shannon of Troy said Miami County Public Health’s staff members are the experts on pandemics. “When we flat out ignore them … you are endangering people, and that is a concern,” she said.

Shannon is involved in the recall group that has changed its name to Elevate Troy Leadership.

“We felt that the name of the group was being used as a strike against us, that our only focus was getting rid of Mayor Oda. That’s not our goal, although it may be what needs to happen,” Shannon said Wednesday. “Our goal is to see leadership that actually leads all the people and is more concerned for the safety and well-being of all than conspiracy theories and game playing.”

Several people posting on the Elevate Troy Leadership page said they didn’t attend the meeting because of concerns about being in a place with those not wearing masks.

Oda said Wednesday she appreciated the support received from residents locally and across the state. She’s also received multiple emails and messages indicating widespread frustration with the state of affairs in Ohio, she said.

“I’ve said it before, and it continues to be true - there is nothing I can say or do that will make everyone happy, but I will continue to do my job and will always advocate for this community,” she said.

Oda said she is aware of fear and concerns surrounding the pandemic.

“I do not wish illness or death on anyone, nor do I wish mental or financial illness or death on any person, famil or business. Shutting everything down and isolating everyone has not stopped the spread, but it has created another whole set of issues locally, nationally and worldwide, and I am not willing to ignore one for the other,” she said.