Llama bolts onto golf course to save ducks from bear

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Llama Saves Ducks From Bear, Bolts Onto Golf Course

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Golfers in New Hampshire were startled Monday when a llama invaded the Eagle Mountain Golf Course.

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The llama, named Noir, escaped from its nearby home to protect a family of ducks from a bear, WGME reported. Golfers saw the animal on the sixth fairway of the course and called the police.

Noir, owned by Russ Miller, jumped over the electric fence surrounding its paddock and ran 3 miles to the golf course, WGME reported. It is not the first time the llama has bolted from its enclosure, police said. The animal was captured on the golf course in June and appeared in photos with Jackson police Chief Chris Perley, WGME reported.

"Noir has a flock of ducks that he watches over, and a bear has taken a taste for duck eggs and duck. The bear came calling, and Noir jumped over the [electric] fence and chased after it," Perley told the Conway Daily Sun.

“All of a sudden, we started getting all these calls from golfers saying there was a llama in the middle of the [nine-hole] course, and he didn't have a tee time," Perley said. “One couple from Florida said the only thing they'd seen on courses down there were crocodiles. This was their first llama, so it made their day.”

Miller said he is working to raise the height of Noir’s electric fence and have asked state biologists to help with the bear problem, WMGE reported.

Perley, who became Jackson’s police chief in January, said he has bonded with the llama.

“I don't have a lot of widespread llama experience, but Noir, with those big brown eyes, sure seems fond of me,” Perley told the Daily Sun. “He kept rubbing up on me, and kind of made a purring sound.

“I think we have a real connection.”

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