400 drivers rejected for Ohio vanity plates that went too far

Based on hundreds of requests for vanity plates, it’s easy to conclude that some motorists on the road have their minds in the gutter.

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles rejected more than 400 plate requests because they were deemed obscene, scatological or offensive.

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Among the rejects from last month: Cat Pee, Itchy, 4Boobz, CzyBtch, P1mpn, Shagr and a bunch more we don’t want to get into.

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The BMV also blocked what it considers offensive political speech on Ohio plates, including “FTRUMP,” Michigan haters such as “Mich FU” and “M1CH SU,” references to crime such as “CARJACK” and “CRMNL” and attempts at bathroom humor such as “KA KA” and “2BZ2PEE.”

Yes, it is America and you have a right to free speech — just not on your Ohio plate.

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