Clark County Common Pleas Court cases



17-CV-0573 - U.S. Bank NA v. Katy M. Cardoza aka Katy M. Moore, 2210 Troy Road, et al., complaint in foreclosure for property located at 229 Rawson Dr., New Carlisle, for $89,630.

17-CV-0583 - The Huntington National Bank, Columbus, v. Gray N. DesCombes, individually and as executor of the Estate of Norman Lewis DesCombes, Dayton, et al., complaint in foreclosure for property located at 364 E. Cassilly St., for $63,262.

17-CV-0589 - Nicole Richards, 203 N. Fostoria Ave., v. Phillip Shaffer II, 834 S. Bird Road, petition for partition and recovery of rents and profits in the amount of $18,000 for property located at 834 S. Bird Road.

17-CV-0590 - Allied Park, LLC, Columbus, v. Ralph Standley, Marion, et al., complaint for $56,324 for breach of lease, etc., for property located at 1003-1005 N. Bechtle Ave.

17-DP-0911 - Olivia Nath, Medway, v. Steven D. Ford II, New Carlisle, petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

17-DP-0914 - Stacy S. Harrison, 525 E. Home Road, v. Anthony Ragland, 507 N. Belmont Ave., petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

17-DR-0921 - Robert D. Boling, Enon, v. Amy E. Boling, Fairborn, complaint for divorce.

17-DP-0925 - Jamey Suttles, Springfield, v. Todd Wesley Whitesell Jr., 1628 S. Fountain Ave., petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

17-DP-0929 - Olivia H. Zink, 200 W. Ward St., v. Alex Brenner, 200 W. Ward St., petition for civil sexually oriented offense protection order.

17-DP-0947 - Patricia Thompson, 352 N. Isabella St., v. Jacob Bradley, 352 N. Isabella St., petition for domestic violence civil protection order.


Cindy L. Roberts and Rocky L. Roberts, dissolution of marriage.

Carrie J. Hall v. Eric J. Hall, domestic violence civil protection order granted.

Brian Morgan Sr., v. Michael A. Silvers, protection order denied.

American Select Insurance Company v. Kelly B. Funderburg, judgment for $4,826.


Marriage Licenses

Michael Lynn Barnhart, 70, Medway, retired, and Francine Jeanette Powers, 75, Medway, retired.

Amber Reye Paugh, 28, 2705 Douglas Ave., data analyst, and Philip Keith Carney, 27, 2705 Douglas Ave., truck driver.


Property Transfers

John D. and Ramona P. Lyle to Tyler James and Jacqueline Marie Cripps, 7785 Milton-Carlisle Road, New Carlisle; $145,000.

Gary L. Bunnell III and Alicia A. Bunnell to Anne M. Cooper, 363 Glenapple Dr., New Carlisle; $92,900.

Tim J. Siler to Violet Whalen, 1701 Styer Dr., New Carlisle; $76,900.

Paul W. Barker to Jessica M. Tuco, 216 Rawson Dr., New Carlisle; $68,000.

Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas, Trustee, to Linn Harson and Richard Silliman, 2800 N. River Road, Yellow Springs; $185,000.

Jonathan L. and Renay A. Taylor to Derek J. and Nicole Smith, 8637 Wildlane Dr., South Charleston; $195,000.

Sarah R. Barnette to R & D Real Estate Solutions LLC, 6652-6666 and 6632-6646 Rita Dr., Enon; $310,000.

Courtney D. Bowsher to Alexis Hager McCartney, 4160 Wabash Dr., Springfield; $133,500.

Annette M. Bauer to Macy M. and Joseph B. Brown, 812 Donnelly Ave., Springfield; $186,000.

Brendan Paul and Diana Lee Smith, Trustees, to AUG Property Investments LLC, 3669 N. Dayton-Lakeview Road, New Carlisle; $131,000.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 75 E. Clark St., North Hampton; no fee.

Abbey P. Kopp to Timothy W. and Sue A. Carter, 408 Tuttle Road, Springfield; $290,000.

Betty E. Pettry to Rex Allen Fent, 323 Birch Road, two parcels, Springfield; $92,000.

Terence D. Leslie Sr., and Taffy L. Leslie to Brandon W. and Susan B. Sharp, 3351 Ashbury Lane, Springfield; $25,500.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 405 Lyle Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Derby Glen LLC to William T. and Carol Ann Groeber, 21 Derby Crt., Springfield; $481,000.

Harold E. and Alice A. Horner to Harold E. Horner, 767 Grandview Dr., Springfield; no fee.

Rosie Banks to Mid America Mortgage Inc., 409 W. Southern Ave., Springfield; $13,400.

Rose E. Davis and Betty L. Scoggins to PHH Mortgage Corp., 2131 N. Hadley Road, Springfield; $35,000.

Harbour Portfolio VI LP to Equity First Funding LLC, 359 Linwood Ave., Springfield; $15,700.

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