Former Dynus exec says West Chester trustee did know when he was hired

George Lang accused of lying under oath in Dynus case.

CINCINNATI — Jim Smith said without a doubt that West Chester Twp. Trustee George Lang knew when he was hired by CBS Technologies — later known as Dynus — and encouraged him to hire two specific people.

Smith, yet-to-be-sentenced after he was found guilty of bank fraud, was the second of two witnesses called by the prosecution in the second day of Lang’s federal perjury trial in U.S. District Court. Lang is accused of lying under oath during the trial of Orlando Carter, a former president of the now defunct Dynus Technologies, which took out $6.5 million in loans in Butler County’s name without county approval.

Smith told the jury Lang told him “there were a number of benefits” to him working at Dynus “but the primary one we’d still be able to work together, but in a different vein.”

Assistant U.S. attorney Jennifer Barry asked Smith: “Did he (Lang) take advantage of your new authority?”

Smith said he did. When Smith was hired in late July 2004 by Dynus, the now-defunct telecommunications company, Smith said Lang requested he hire his assistant at The Lang Agency. While being paid by Dynus, Lang’s assistant remained with The Lang Agency, Smith said.

A couple weeks later, Smith testified, he hired the paramour of former county auditor Kay Rogers at Lang’s request.

FBI Special Agent Kevin Gormley took the stand before Smith. During the cross-examination, Lang’s defense attorney Ralph Kohnen questioned Smith’s credibility, asking Gormley if Smith’s assistance was helpful.

“He was honest about some things, but some things he left out,” Gormley said of initial conversations with Smith. “At a certain point he became cooperative. It takes some time for some people to be cooperative and this is just one of those situations.”

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