Girl hit by car in front of library in Brookville



UPDATE @ 6:10 p.m.

The girl hit by a car Thursday afternoon in front of the Brookville library branch has been treated and released from Dayton Children’s Hospital.

Rhonda Barrett said her granddaughter is 10. Although her granddaughter is covered in bruises and bandages and may require plastic surgery, Barrett said she is counting her blessings that her grandchild landed in a grassy area and not on the asphalt or through the car’s windshield.

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Barrett said it was an early dismissal day from Brookville Intermediate School, and that her granddaughter was headed to the library with friends after school. She told her she looked both ways before crossing and had not seen the car before she was hit, Barrett said.


A girl was hit by a car this afternoon in front of the Dayton Metro Library-Brookville branch.

Her grandfather, Mark Williams, said the girl’s parents told him the 9-year-old was hit in a 20 mph school zone while she was crossing the street from her school to the library.

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Police dispatchers confirm the girl was hit just after 1 p.m. at 120 Blue Pride Drive.

The girl was taken to Dayton Children’s Hospital. Her grandfather said she is suffering from a head injury.

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