Golden Lamb open for dinner, but remodeling still ongoing

Both the inn and restaurant portions of the revered building are receiving upgrades, said Ken Pendry, principal for the Phoenix Restaurant Group, which took control of operations on April 13.

The restaurant quietly began serving dinner again earlier this month, Pendry said, but is only open six days a week. The restaurant is closed on Sunday due to lack of a Sunday liquor license.

A provision for the Golden Lamb to obtain this permit was placed on the November ballot and will have to be approved by resident’s living in the same precinct where the Golden Lamb is located. The inn is open seven days a week.

Pendry said Phoenix has not added any new selections to the menu yet, but is currently working on improving the items already served.

“We are raising the standards of ingredients and continuing to find better products in the marketplace,” Pendry said. He added that he was looking at purchasing food from local farmers to provide the freshest food possible.

“Our first priority is to bring back the favorites people love, but bring them back as good as or better than they were in the past,” Pendry said. “After we establish that, then we can start looking at additions to the menu.”

Pendry said the hotel also is being refurbished, with nine rooms receiving larger and more comfortable beds. He expects much of the redecoration to be completed within one to two months.

Remodels to the restaurant have included new carpets and decor, Pendry said. An upgrade to the Black Horse Tavern, including new barstools and tables, is also in the plans.

“We’ve been getting a very positive response from the customers,” Pendry said. “I respect that some people are hesitant to change, but I hope they will see we are preserving the spirit of the Golden Lamb and everything about it that made it a favorite to so many.”

At 207-years-old, the Golden Lamb is the oldest restaurant in Ohio and the oldest business in Lebanon. The historic building is a major tourist attraction for the city’s downtown and has been visited by 12 presidents and numerous other famous individuals.