Marc F. Pendleton
Used to be embarrassed at all the Dayton-area high school knowledge I harbored. Now I get paid to know that stuff. How cool is that? Long time former Greene County resident. Attended five schools in three states by the time I became a Buckeye as a high school freshman; don't ask. Was on Wright State University's 16-year undergrad program, graduating with a Communications degree in 1988. Started at the Beavercreek News, morphed to the Fairborn Daily Herald, then Springfield News-Sun and have been at the DDN since 1989. The last 10 years I've spent mostly coordinating our high school sports coverage and dodging your barbs and arrows. I live by four words: thank gawd for spellcheck. Family once had subscriptions to the DDN, Journal Herald, Xenia Daily Gazette and Beavercreek News ... at the same time. Got hopelessly hooked on newspapers at that time. I could have done worse. High school sports coverage is a great way for teens to embrace newspapers for life and more importantly, reading. I'm proof of that.
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