Miamisburg police investigated sex offense complaint at house where Chelsey Coe was known to be living

Miamisburg police investigated a report of a sex offense at the property on Lower Miamisburg Road that has been the focus of the search for Chelsey Coe.

Coe, 25, was living at the address, 551 Lower Miamisburg Road, when her mother reported her daughter missing last September.

WHIO-TV Reporter Sean Cudahy requested and received several incident reports for that address to see how many times police have been called to the property in the last two years.

Among the documents is one dated Nov. 16, 2016. It involves a report of a sex offense. Police investigators redacted -- removed by using a heavy black pen -- all names associated with the report to protect their identifies, but the report is for the address where Coe's mother said her daughter was living before she turned up missing.

The narrative from that Nov. 16, 2016, report refers to "a recovering heroin addict" and "... someone who claimed to have been "told... that... would be required to either pay ... 100 dollars for rent or have sex with..." someone.

Additional allegations in the report refer to someone withholding medication in exchange for sex and exchanging sex acts for clothing purchased or medical bills paid for.


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Also noted in the report is an exchange with Officer Kevin Current and someone in the house who said the sexual encounters were consensual and who answered "no," when Current asked the person if they were being forced into sex acts for food, housing and clothing.

Miamisburg police have not confirmed whether the allegations in the November report involve Coe or the unnamed "person of interest" police have identified in the ongoing investigation at the property.

Last week, Coe's mother, Shula Woodworth, said in an interview with this news organization that her daughter was living at that address and was a recovering heroin addict.

Woodworth also said her daughter told her a man she was staying with there tried to get her to do things she was uncomfortable with doing.

"She had been up here talking to us about how the situation wasn't as good as what we had perceived at home," Woodworth said a week ago. "And there were some things going on that were not so colorful."

In a Miamisburg police report dated Nov. 28, 2016, Officer Jeffrey Muncy said, "I have made numerous attempts to contact (name redacted) in this case with no success.... This case will be closed, pending any further contact with (name redacted) who is currently reported to be homeless."

One of the most recent calls for service at the property is dated Sept. 24, 2017. The nature of the call is a missing person report. The person missing is identified in the report as Coe.

In the summary narrative section of the report is only one line: "Shula Woodworth reports that her adult daughter is missing."

This news organization has asked Miamisburg police officials for more information. No one in the department has responded to the request as of Monday night.

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