‘I noticed Frosty wasn’t there,’ owner says after Christmas decoration stolen

A family’s Christmas decoration was stolen over the weekend, and their doorbell caught the incident on camera.

News Center 7's Ronnell Hunt spoke with the homeowner who said in all her years of living in that neighborhood, her family has never experienced anything like this.

When the Clark family woke up Sunday morning, they realized their six-foot snowman was gone.

“I noticed frosty wasn’t there and I called my husband immediately and said, ‘did you put frosty anywhere?’ and he was like no,” Julie Clark said.

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Julie said she and her husband take Christmas seriously, having won the City of Moraine’s decoration contest five years in a row.

According to the doorbell security camera, the incident happened around 2 a.m. Sunday when someone grabbed the decoration, threw it over their shoulder and rushed back down the front hill of the yard.

“I was like okay our house has plenty of surveillance, why us? So, my thought was it has to be somebody who just wanted to be a Grinch,” Julie said.

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Julie says although her two children were upset about the stolen decoration, it will not put a damper on their Christmas.

“We’re still going to put up Christmas lights... I guess we will find a replacement,” she said.

Police have no leads to who stole the snowman and ask the public if they have any information to contact the Moraine Police Department.

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