Over 70 new emojis unveiled

Always wanted a bacon, avocado, or egg emoji? Look no further.

The Unicode Technical Committee has accepted over 70 new characters to be added to the emoji keyboard.

A meeting for the second quarter at the UTC determined that 72 characters will be added to Unicode 9.0 and released in June.

Emojipedia, a site that provides definitions of emojis, said the release date is June 21.

UTC does note that any of these characters may still be removed, but it's still fun to see the possibilities.

Some interesting characters are coming, including emojis for a nauseated face, sneezing face, selfie, shrug and facepalm.

The animals and nature category includes an eagle, gorilla, deer and duck.

New food emojis are an avocado, potato, bacon, salad and a "stuffed flatbread" which, based on interpretation, could be a falafel, gyro or something similar.

The most interesting category for new emojis may be sports, which includes handball, juggling and water polo.

The full list can be seen at the Unicode website.

UTC says anyone can file a proposal for a new emoji, so if you're still unimpressed with the list, information about submitting characters can be found here.