Crews respond to an explosion at an Dayton Power and Light plant in Adams County Ohio.

Six injured in explosion at DP&L plant in Ohio

Update@3:33 p.m.:

First report:

There was an explosion Tuesday at the Dayton Power & Light J. M. Stuart Station in Adams County, a DP&L spokeswoman said Tuesday.

The spokeswoman, Mary Ann Kabel, said she could not immediately answer other questions. 

The Stuart power generating station is an older, coal-fired station operating at a time when coal-fired plants are seen as more costly to run. Coal in recent years has been more expensive than natural gas, thanks to hydraulic “fracking” techniques and other factors.

DP&L has stakes in two power generating stations in Adams County. The J.M. Stuart station and the Killen station are both on the Ohio River in Adams County in Southern Ohio.

The Killen station is co-owned, with DP&L having a 67 percent stake in the facility. The company has a 35 percent stake in the Stuart facility.

DP&L co-owns with other utilities five plants that are coal-fired. About two-third of its power generation is coal-fired and a third is natural gas-generated, DP&L President and Chief Executive Tom Raga told the Dayton Daily News earlier this year.

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