Town threatens 80-year-old woman with fine for tall grass

An 80-year-old woman in North Carolina said she was told to mow her lawn or face a fine from the town’s code enforcement division.

Sue Smuda said her mother has a pacemaker and difficulty hearing.

She said someone with the Town of Waxhaw handed her a pamphlet and told her she has five days to mow her lawn or else she would be fined $250.

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The Town of Waxhaw has an ordinance banning grass taller than 12 inches.

“This is ridiculous,” Smuda said. “I understand ordinances, but being rude to someone is beyond my way of thinking.”

Smuda said her family planned on mowing her lawn last weekend but had to leave the state for an emergency.

It's unclear if Smuda's mother was the only resident given notice. WSOC-TV drove around Waxhaw and found tall grass behind restaurants, in front of businesses and along Main Street.

There was also some grass outside the police station that was more than 12 inches tall.

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