Warning card solves woman’s mail puzzle

A woman recently contacted the Ombudsman office with a complaint about the receipt of her mail. She lives in a building with four apartments, and the four mailboxes are numbered from left to right but not in order. The second mailbox is number four, while the fourth mailbox in the row is number 3. She has called her local Post Office several times, and each time has spoken with a different person. Because the problem continues and she is not receiving her mail, she contacted the Ombudsman for assistance.

The Ombudsman contacted the Post Office and spoke with the supervisor regarding the problem with the woman’s mail delivery. The Ombudsman provided the woman’s address, and explained that the woman believed her mail was accidentally placed into other mailboxes instead of the one for her apartment. The supervisor stated that a brightly-colored warning card would be put into the carrier’s bag in order to remind the carrier to double-check the mailbox numbers when at that address.

The next week the woman called the Ombudsman to report that she was now regularly receiving all her mail, and she was grateful that the problem had been resolved.

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