Young boy among 3 attacked by squirrels at park in Florida

Several people including a child are recovering after they were attacked by a squirrel at a park in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Neighbors in Avondale say wildlife, especially squirrels, are coming a little too close for comfort.

Several blame humans for leaving out food.

A Jacksonville father shared pictures of his son’s arm after he said a squirrel attacked both of them at Boone park in Avondale.

Chavet Constable believes the same squirrel bit her husband.

“The squirrel just randomly jumped out,” Constable said. “(I) thought maybe he had food in his hand.”

A total of three people have reported injuries after squirrel attacks.

One neighbor on the NextDoor app blamed people for leaving chips at the bottom of the trees.

Constable said she has another theory.

“We think that possibly the squirrel was maybe released and was raised in a home or something,” Constable said.

Initially some people were concerned that the squirrel was rabid but Dr. Mobeen Rathore with Duval County Medical Society said that’s unlikely.

“Bats are probably the ones that are causing more rabies than other things, but it's extremely rare to have rabies in the United States,” Rathore said.

No one was seriously injured by the squirrels.

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