Man caught trying to sell stolen appliances on Facebook, police say

Credit: ferarcosn/Pixabay

Credit: ferarcosn/Pixabay

Facebook can be a great place to sell household appliances -- but it's not a great venue to sell stolen ones.

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Police said a New Mexico man, in a "dumb move," broke into a house, stole some appliances and then tried to sell them to undercover Rio Rancho police officers on Facebook, KRQE reported.

Adam Romero, 32, was charged with receiving stolen property, the television station reported.

"He tried to sell stolen items to police officers," Rio Rancho police Capt. Andrew Rodriguez told KOB. "They say we only catch the dumb ones, that's not always true, but in this case, I think that was correct."

Police said Romero broke into the house through a doggy door, and posted pictures of the appliances -- a stainless steel black stove and a red washer and dryer -- inside the home before allegedly stealing them, the television station reported. It is not clear how the appliances were removed from the residence, KRQE reported.

Authorities said the owner of the home found out the burglary through a friend.

"'Hey your stuff is on sale on Facebook, I didn't realize you were doing that.'” Rodriguez said. “She said, 'Well that's funny, I'm not selling my stuff on Facebook' and the friend said 'It looks like your appliances, your home that's on Facebook.'

"Criminology 101, that's not a good thing to do.”

Police posed as potential buyers and set up a meeting with Romero at an Albuquerque gas station, KOB reported. Romero was arrested at the scene.

"You never know how we're going to catch you but we'll catch you," Rodriguez told the television station.

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