Miami Twp. will consider a proposal tonight to ask Montgomery County to share revenue from the county’s recent sales tax increase. FILE

Miami Twp. asks Montgomery County to share sales tax increase funds

UPDATE @ 7:33 p.m.: The Miami Twp. trustees unanimously passed a resolution tonight asking Montgomery County to share income tax increase funds with townships. 

Miami Twp.'s move seeks part of the 0.25 sales tax hike that takes effect Oct. 1. 

"We are all united in our belief that it's an opportunity for the county to return services and funding to the townships that have been cut off," trustees President John Morris said.


Miami Twp. trustees are asking Montgomery County to share revenue from the county’s recent sales tax increase, a proposal that took county commissioners by surprise Tuesday.

Township trustees will discuss a resolution calling for a tax-sharing agreement Tuesday evening, according to records.

Montgomery County Commission President Debbie Lieberman said she was disappointed township trustees did not approach commissioners first with their concerns before putting a resolution on the agenda.

“In partnerships you communicate with each other, and we did not find out about this until today,” she said.

Miami Twp. Board of Trustees President John Morris said local townships have seen a general decline in services from the county.

Lieberman said millions in development dollars already go to township projects and millions more sustain law enforcement and court services that benefit every county resident.

“This funding wasn’t meant for sharing with our townships, unfortunately,” she said. “So much of it’s going to public safety: to the jail for more employees for the sheriff and for court security.”

The resolution asks the county “to distribute equally among the townships in Montgomery County, from the additional sales tax generated, 5 percent of the additional revenue generated from said taxes.”

The county has nine townships. They are: Butler, Clay, German, Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson, Miami, Perry and Washington.

The proposal comes after township trustee Vice President Doug Barry — a candidate for county commissioner — helped lead an unsuccessful effort to get the 0.25 percent sales tax increase on the November election ballot.

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Barry faces current Montgomery County Treasurer Carolyn Rice on the Nov. 6 ballot.

“Townships in Montgomery County have experienced a reduction in funds distributed to them from county and state governments,” according to the Miami Twp. resolution. “Townships in Ohio do not have the authority to enact legislation to generate additional revenue via sales or income taxes.”

The 0.25 percent sales tax increase is set to take effect Oct. 1 and is expected to generate an additional $19.1 million for the county to overcome a $9 million 2019 budget gap.

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