More than 80 percent of college students admit they have cheated

Around 86 percent of college students have cheated in school in some way, a recent survey shows.

Kessler International, a digital and accounting forensics group, surveyed 300 students from public and private universities. The results were released earlier this month.

The survey also showed that 54 percent of students think cheating is OK and some even said that it was necessary to compete with other students. Just 12 percent of students surveyed said they would never cheat because of ethics.

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Around 97 percent of college students who have cheated reported they have never been caught cheating, according to Kessler.

Below are more results of the survey:

76 percent: copied word for word someone else's assignments.

79 percent: plagiarized assignments from the Internet or citing sources when appropriate.

42 percent: purchased custom term papers, essays and thesis online.

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28 percent: hired a service to take their online classes for them.

72 percent: used their phone, tablet or computer to cheat in class.


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