RNC 2016: Ohio votes for RNC nomination

Kasich snubs Pennsylvania delegates in Cleveland

Kasich cancelled a breakfast with the Pennsylvania delegation Wednesday due to “a scheduling conflict,” but no other explanation was given for the absence.


The snub came after back-and-forth jeers Tuesday night between the two delegations seated next to one another on the floor at The Q. Each time Kasich notched another set of delegates during Trump’s nomination roll call, the Ohio delegation cheered.

The jubilation was met by shouts from some Pennsylvania delegates.

“We don’t cheer for losers” yelled one man.

And when Ohio devoted all its 66 delegates for Kasich, the Keystone State neighbors chanted, “Where is he!? Where is he!?”

Indeed, Kasich wasn’t in The Q.

“There are lots of different governors and senators that aren’t here,” said Ohio State Rep. Niraj Antani (R-Miamisburg), a delegate on the floor. “Here’s the fact: The Trump campaign is calling for unity, but obviously these other delegates that are making these gestures are not helping our party in becoming more unified.”

Nor was Kasich at breakfast the next morning.

“I think he’s a poor loser not showing up here,” said Dave Majernik, a Pennsylvania delegate, during the breakfast.

Alternate delegate Laura Schisler added, “I just don’t understand how anyone can behave that way.”

WPXI-TV Pittsburgh’s Katherine Amenta contributed reporting.