Pastor offers rides to those voting for Trump

A Kannapolis, North Carolina, church is making its political stance known this election and its message is clear.

A sign leading to Resurrection Baptist Church reads, "We are voting. And it’s not for Hillary."

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"There are a lot of churches that are intimidated," pastor Tim Jones said.  "A lot are afraid to voice their opinion on an election and we’re not."

Jones has also taken to Facebook, offering people a ride to the polls. But, he said that offer stands only if the person is voting Republican.

"The only stipulation is you vote against abortion, corruption, excessive gun control, Obamacare and career political criminals," said the Pastor in a Facebook message.

The post ended with, "Our church is not ashamed to stand up and support Donald Trump."

Jones said he’s received overwhelming support from his congregation and a number of people in the community.

"They should have the right to speak out," Dolores Adams, who does not attend the church, told WSOC.

"He’s definitely doing a great thing by taking people to the polls, but it shouldn’t just be for his own, you know, 'I like Trump so that’s who I want you to vote for,'" said Yasim Forbes, who also does not attend the church.

Political experts stress many churches are prohibited from endorsing candidates because they are tax-exempt. "We are an independent, fundamental Baptist church," Jones said, adding tha the rule doesn’t apply to his church because the church is not tax-exempt.

But Jones said that his congregation will still pray for the winning candidate "even though we may disagree with it."